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Image / Video Analytics

– Face recognition system
– Object detection system
– Number plate recognition

Social Media Analytics

– Sentiment and Mood Analytics
– Trending subjects and posts
– Descriptive Analytics

Tactical Equipment

– IMSI Catchers
– Directional Finder
– RF Jammers

Healthcare Analytics​

– Disease prediction
– Inventory forecasting
– Lifestyle Recommendation

Maritime Analytics​

– Vessel Engagement Analysis
– Port analysis
– Anomalous vessel Analytics

Location Analytics

– Network optimization solutions
– Campaign management
– Crime prediction


We Ensure Data and Analytics Services Run Well


• Churn prediction
• Campaign Management
• Network optimization
• Location Analytics


•Supply chain forecasting
•Disease prediction
•Logistics and Inventory Alerts
•Lifestyle Recommendation


• Project Management Solution
• Case Management Solution
• NLP based Sentiment Analytics


• Video analytics solution
• Face Recognition
• Object recognition
• LPR based Security solution
• Prediction Modelling
• Anomaly Detection
• Real time alerts

Defense and Maritime

• NLP based OSINT Platform
• AI Based track analysis solution
• Location Analytics


• Engagement Analysis
• Anomalous vessel identification
• Collision detection and alert
• Fleet Management Solutions
• Container Tracking Management Solutions

About Us

Focusing on Analytics & Decision Making

InsciE is designed with advanced Analytics Engine which provides customer a power of making decision. InsciE is a “decision support system” which enables the customers to make the appropriate decision based on the data available. The use cases like, alerting engine, pattern recognition, face recognition etc are achieved using the Analytics Engine


To Take Decision


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How Does InsciE Work

How We Process & Works

Listen To the Customer

- Around the clock
- 100+ years of collective experience in customercentric roles
- Most valued learnings understand the customer problem

Focus on the customer’s problem

- AI driver approach to the problem
- 50+ Big data project Execution
- Multi-domain experience and expertise
- International Certified IoT, Analytics and Cyber Security experts

Goal: Happy Customer

- Team consists of full-stack developers, creative minds, domain specialists and advisors
- Alliances and partnership with leading technology providers for various industry and global software excellence groups

Other Solutions

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Consulting Services

typeTheta offers consulting and staff augmentation services to streamline IT strategy creation, information systems, system integrations and ensure smooth and effective transformation and improve customer experience

Managed Services

typeTheta is your perfect partner to take you through the process of outsourcing your IT and providing you with the right methodologies and support systems to reduce cost, mitigate risks and improve day-to-day operations.

Knowledge Services

typeTheta is an innovator in the development and delivery of practical learning programs for the global corporate community. Expanding on the vast horizons of the technology and business


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