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InsciE™ Solution which caters to the customer’s needs in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning space. InsciE is designed with advanced Analytics Engine which provides customer a power of making decision. InsciE is a “decision support system” which enables the customers to make the appropriate decision based on the data available.

The use cases like, alerting engine, pattern recognition, face recognition etc are achieved using the Analytics Engine


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Container Management Solution

Real Time Tracking

Real Time Tracking

Data pipeline creation:

Analytics use cases:

Alerting engine

Smart Container

Internet-connected devices and interconnected sensors that collect, collate, and transmit container data. These sensors and devices act like traditional data loggers

Smart containers help track important data like:

- Container geolocation
- Temperature fluctuations
- Geofencing and predictive ETA
- Shock detection
- Door open/close status
- Late in/out site
- Any unusual activity, etc.


- Smart containers provide smart data for smart supply chains
- Smart containers put an end to black spots and speculations
- Smart containers optimize investments and reduce costs

Advantages of Smart Container

Collect real-time information on containers. And use it to keep watch on the container and the cargo. Smart containers automate how data is collected and handled

The sensors are constantly collecting and monitoring data. They check things such as the temperature, humidity, door status, and even location. This makes it possible for you to check on the container and the cargo inside

The container is connected with the internet, you can access your container’s location from anywhere at any time. You keep a check on ETA and transit areas. And you get alerts when there is e.g. a deviation from the plan, the doors are unexpectedly opened, etc

 The data is collected electronically and is encrypted from end-to-end. That means it can’t be tampered with and is fraud-resistant. It also enables secure and transparent document sharing among supply chain stockholders.


The shipper and the recipient, both, require timely and accurate information about the shipment

The crew on-board is responsible for keeping a check on the containers and maintaining them throughout

The shipping container owners want to have information about their containers’ location, andtheir  container inventory
in general

They are responsible for reporting the number of containers available at their location, overseeing container arrival, and related operations

They are responsible for necessary infrastructure and its maintenance within a port like bridges, depots, terminals, etc.